About WindChart's Intraday Technical Analysis

WindChart is the exclusive provider of the Stock Technical Analysis ( algorithms on intraday stock feeds. This web site is the only place in the world where you can see these powerful technical analysis tools applied to intraday stock quotes.

If you are familiar with the StockTA analysis, there are three main differences in the WindChart version.

1. WindChart allows you to customize the intraday stock charts in these ways:
  • You can select one of three chart sizes according to your screen size;
  • You can choose from 1, 5, 10, 30 and 60 minute intervals;
  • There are five chart styles (color schemes) available.
Chart settings
Ticker symbol
Size of chart
Chart colors
2. In addition, the charts have features that are unique to WindChart:
  • The chart prices (on the vertical scale to the right of the chart) are not the usual linear scale. They correspond to the 'confluence' numbers and values that are proprietary to the StockTA algorithms.
  • The support and resistance lines span the chart between the points of interest (highs, lows, crossovers, etc.), and show these points more clearly.
Chart example
3. The Short Term (ST), Intermediate Term (IT) and Long Term (LT) analysis table is to the right of the charts and it uses a simpler display format:
  • Instead of using text Bullish, Very Bullish, etc., the WindChart arrows are used: very bullish is Very Bullish, bullish is Bullish, neutral is Neutral, bearish is Bearish and very bearish is Very Bearish.
  • Sometimes an exclaimation point is added to indicate an alert. bullish! is a Bullish alert.

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